Helicopter Mom

What does Helicopter Mom mean?

A mom who is too much involved

A helicopter mom is a mom who’s always super involved in her kid’s life. She’s always there, just like a helicopter, watching over every move her child makes. This term started showing up around the time of Dr. Haim Ginott’s book, Between Parent & Teenager, published in 1969, and it’s been used a lot to talk about certain parents from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

Most people see helicopter parenting as a not-so-great way to raise kids. Why? Because these parents are always trying to control, watch over, and protect their kids so much that they don’t give them a chance to learn important life skills and become independent adults.

It’s not just about young kids either. A helicopter mom might be right there when her toddler is trying to walk, making sure they never fall. Or she might be the mom of a college student, phoning up the professor to complain about her kid’s grades. So, it’s clear that helicopter parenting can happen at any age, from babyhood right up into adulthood.

Example for using ‘Helicopter Mom’ in a conversation

Did you see how Amy’s mom was at the school event? She was literally everywhere!

Haha, yeah! She’s such a helicopter mom. Always hovering over Amy.

I know, right? It’s like she can’t let her do anything on her own.

Exactly! I feel bad for Amy sometimes. She needs her space.