Here For It

What does Here For It mean?

Pumped about it

If someone says they’re “here for it“, they’re expressing their excitement or approval about a certain topic. This phrase is often used in social media posts, forum comments, or text messages. Let’s say, for example, Burger King announced that they’re making their Whopper burger available all day, every day. Fans of the Whopper might take to social media to say they’re “here for it”, showing their support and enthusiasm for the news.

When you say you’re “here for” something online, it’s like you’re virtually attending an event or cause because you’re a fan of it. But remember, this doesn’t necessarily translate to real-life action. If you claim you’re “here for” the all-day Whopper but never actually buy one, your online cheerleading doesn’t have much weight.

This gap between online support and real-world action becomes especially noticeable when discussing political or social issues. If you say you’re “here for” a cause but don’t take any action to support it, this can be seen as a form of performative activism – a topic that deserves its own discussion.

Example for using ‘Here For It’ in a conversation

I just heard that Taylor Swift is releasing a new album!

OMG, really? I’m here for it! I love her music!

Same! Her songs are always so catchy and relatable.

Definitely! I can’t wait to hear what she’s come up with this time.