What does HHOS stand for?

Ha-ha, only serious

HHOS is a popular online slang that stands for “ha-ha, only serious”. It’s a phrase used when you’re somewhat joking, but also making a serious point. It’s often used while discussing uncomfortable or tricky topics via text or on the internet.

The part “Ha-ha” is designed to lighten the mood, maybe even spark a bit of awkward laughter. The “Only serious” part is a clear sign that you’re not fooling around and there’s a level of truth in your words.

People who are not great at dealing with conflict or expressing their honest thoughts face-to-face, often resort to using HHOS. It helps them convey their message without fearing the possible fallout.

For example, if you’re discussing someone’s shortcomings and you’re unsure about their reaction, you may use “HHOS” to ease into the conversation.

Example for using ‘HHOS’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard a rumor that you failed your math test. πŸ€”

HHOS, I actually did. πŸ˜… But I’m working on improving my grades.

Oh, really? Ha-ha! Only serious, though. You should definitely study more. πŸ“š

Haha, I know! I need to get my act together. Thanks for the reminder! πŸ˜…