What does HHSF stand for?

Ha-ha, so funny

Ever come across the term ‘HHSF’ in a text message or social media comment and wondered what it means? Well, it’s actually a sarcastic response to something someone said that they think is funny, but you don’t. It stands for “Ha-Ha, So Funny”.

Let’s say you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you see a comment on a picture of your eccentric attire. The comment says you look like a flamboyant flamingo. You can reply with ‘HHSF’, essentially rolling your eyes at their attempt at humor.

Alternatively, imagine you get a text from your dad joking about how you sleep longer than a sloth. Again, responding with ‘HHSF’ is a light-hearted and humorous way to communicate that their joke didn’t really land.

To emphasize your sarcastic reaction, you can pair ‘HHSF’ with an eye-rolling emoji. This not only adds a visual element to your response but also makes it clear that you’re not impressed. For a more audible reaction, you can even add a ‘*groan*’ to your reply. This way, the person on the other end will know exactly how you feel about their so-called joke.

Example for using ‘HHSF’ in a conversation

I just saw the funniest meme today!

Oh really? What was it?

It was a picture of someone trying to parallel park and the caption said “I park like a pro… a potato rolling down a hill!”

HHSF! πŸ™„ That’s such a dad joke!