Hit The Books

What does it mean?

Start Studying

When someone says they need to ‘Hit The Books’, it means they are about to buckle down and study hard. This phrase is commonly used among high school and university students when they need to prepare for a big test or finish reading an important book.

‘Hit The Books’ might have come from phrases like ‘hit the trail’ or ‘hit the road’, both of which mean to start a journey. In this sense, the journey is the process of learning and understanding new information, not going to a new place. But sometimes, students do go to a new place like a library or a coffee shop to ‘hit the books’.

So, next time when you hear someone saying they need to ‘Hit The Books’, you know they are off to study, not literally hitting any books. It’s just a fun way of saying they have a lot of studying to do.

Example for using ‘Hit The Books’ in a conversation

Hey, have you finished your homework yet?

No, not yet. I need to hit the books tonight.

Oh, I see. What subject are you studying?

I have to study for my math test tomorrow.