What does HMO stand for?

Health maintenance organization

HMO is a short form for a type of health insurance plan that revolves around a single primary care physician (PCP). This system uses a network of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers and allows you to choose a single PCP who will manage all your health care services.

If you need to consult any other healthcare professional, you would need a referral from your PCP. This is a key point to note because these visits are usually not covered by your insurance. This is how the HMO system works.

Compared to a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), an HMO gives you a narrower choice of specialists. This is because the PPO model allows for a broader selection. Understanding this difference is important when choosing the right health insurance plan for you.

Example for using ‘HMO’ in a conversation

Hey, I just signed up for an HMO health plan! πŸ₯

Oh, what’s that? πŸ€”

It’s a type of health insurance that focuses on one main doctor called a PCP. They’ll coordinate all my medical care. 😊

Wow, that sounds convenient! Can you go to any doctor you want? 🏩

Not exactly. I have to stick to the network of doctors and hospitals that the HMO provides. If I need to see a specialist, I’ll need a referral from my PCP. πŸ˜•

Got it! So, it’s like having a go-to doctor who takes care of everything first. Sounds interesting! 🩺