What does Holidate mean?

A friendly date for a holiday

A holidate is someone you invite to accompany you to a holiday event, such as a festive gathering or a New Year’s Eve party. It’s meant to be a friendly arrangement and typically lasts for that holiday only. This can be a great solution for single people who don’t want to face the holiday season alone or fend off family inquiries about their love life.

Although the understanding is that the holidate relationship is non-romantic, there are instances when sparks fly and the pair develop romantic feelings. This often happens if they find each other attractive or get caught up in the holiday spirit.

Holidates are particularly common during cuffing season, a period when people seek out companionship due to the reflective and family-oriented nature of the holidays. This period includes major holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day.

The term holidate became widely used in the late 2010s, around the same time as other relationship slang like cuffing and hiberdating. Its popularity surged in 2020 when Netflix released a film called “Holidate” featuring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Example for using ‘Holidate’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to the Thanksgiving dinner?

Yeah, but I’m going alone. Are you bringing a date?

No, I don’t have anyone to bring. Maybe we can be each other’s holidates?

That’s a great idea! Let’s be holidates and have a fun, platonic time together!