Holiday Orphan

What does Holiday Orphan mean?

Someone who doesn’t have a place to go during a holiday

When you hear the term Holiday Orphan, it’s referring to a person who doesn’t have anywhere to go during holiday celebrations. This can be due to various reasons – they might not have a family, might be distanced from their family, or live a considerable distance away and cannot travel home for the holidays.

Being a Holiday Orphan is often a lonely experience. It’s tough because these holidays are generally about togetherness and celebration. So, it’s not just the fact that you’re alone, but also the knowledge that you’re missing out on a celebration that’s all about not being alone.

Because of this isolation, a Holiday Orphan might take some serious steps to feel included. They might try to get themselves invited to someone else’s holiday celebration. For instance, they could ask a friend about their holiday plans and hint that they have no plans of their own, hoping for a sympathy invite.

Alternatively, Holiday Orphans may decide to take things into their own hands. They might gather with other friends who are also alone for the holidays and organize their own celebration, much like the popular idea of Friendsgiving.

Example for using ‘Holiday Orphan’ in a conversation

I just found out I’ll be a holiday orphan this year 😒

Oh no, what happened?

I can’t travel back home and all my friends are busy with their families.

That’s tough. You should come over to my place for Christmas dinner! No one should be a holiday orphan.