What does Homeslice mean?

Someone you’re tight with

If you’ve ever called someone a ‘Homeslice’, you’re referring to them as a very close friend, or even a best friend forever (BFF). It’s a term of endearment used in casual conversation, usually when greeting a buddy.

The phrase ‘Homeslice’ originates from the saying “little slice of home”. This expression is used to talk about something that feels familiar and comforting, like a piece of your own home. It’s a way to express that someone is as dear to you as your home is.

There are several other slang terms that you might use instead of ‘Homeslice’. These include words like biffles, broseph, and bestie. These terms all convey the same feeling of close friendship and familiarity.

Example for using ‘Homeslice’ in a conversation

Hey homeslice, what’s up?

Not much, just chilling. How about you?

Same here, just hanging out with some friends.

Cool, who’s your homeslice crew?

Just my biffles, you know, the usual suspects.