What does Honkie mean?

‘Honkie’ means ‘A white person’

‘Honkie’ is a slang term that’s sometimes used in a negative way to talk about white people. But it’s important to know that white people themselves don’t usually take this term seriously.

Why? Because ‘Honkie’ isn’t really about putting down someone’s value as a person. Instead, it’s more about calling out somebody’s style or behavior as being uncool or not trendy.

So remember, when you hear the term ‘Honkie’, it’s more about a person’s vibe or how they present themselves. It’s not a term that’s meant to degrade a person’s worth or value.

Example for using ‘Honkie’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new guy in our class?

Yeah, the one with the funky clothes?

Haha, yeah! He’s such a honkie.

I know, right? He’s trying so hard to be cool.