What does Hops mean in sports?

Ability to jump high

When you hear the slang ‘Hops’ in a sports context, it’s referring to someone’s ability to jump high. It’s like saying a basketball player who is 5’10” but can dunk on a 10′ hoop has some serious hops.

So, where did this slang come from? Well, it’s inspired by the way animals like kangaroos and rabbits hop around. You’ll often hear ‘hops’ being used in sports like basketball, football, or baseball when a player shows an impressive vertical jump to catch a ball or dunk an alley oop.

It’s not just limited to the sports field though. You’ll find ‘hops’ being used online as well, especially in sports discussions on Twitter. Fans often use the term when commenting on a player’s high jump in a highlight reel or debating which athlete can jump higher.

Example for using ‘Hops’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that dunk by LeBron last night? πŸ€

Yeah, his hops are insane! He jumped so high! 🐰

I know, right? He’s got some serious kangaroo hops! 🦘

Definitely! His vertical leap is off the charts! πŸš€