What does HWIK stand for?

How would I know

When someone uses the slang term ‘HWIK’, they’re putting forward a rhetorical question asking, “How would I know?” This slang is often used to express ignorance about a particular topic or question.

You may find ‘HWIK’ being used at the start of a question or even standing alone as a complete sentence. It’s a quick and easy way to convey that you don’t have the information someone is asking for.

For example, if someone asks you about the weather forecast for next week, you might respond with “HWIK?” This response suggests that you don’t know the answer and it would not have been expected for you to know it.

So, when you come across ‘HWIK’, just remember it’s a convenient, casual way to say “How would I know?”

Example for using ‘HWIK’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know when the new season of our favorite show is coming out?

HWIK, I’m not sure. Have you checked their social media?

Yeah, I did, but couldn’t find any updates.

HWIK, maybe they haven’t announced it yet. We’ll have to wait and see.