What does Hwk stand for?


If you’re a student, a teacher, or a parent, you’ve probably come across the term ‘Hwk’. This is a shorthand way to say homework. By dropping all the vowels, you can quickly type out the word homework in just three letters.

You’ll often see this term being used by students. Usually, when they’re discussing the mountain of hwk they still have to complete. It’s a popular term among the champions of procrastination.

But that’s not all, if a student is trying to rope you into helping them with their hwk, they might send you an abbreviation like CICYHW. This means they’re kindly asking (or begging) for your assistance with their homework.

Example for using ‘Hwk’ in a conversation

Hey, did you finish your hwk?

Nah, I still have so much to do! 😫

Ugh, I feel you. I’m drowning in hwk too. 😩

Let’s meet up and CICYHW later? πŸ€”