What does HWP mean?

Height weight proportionate

If you’ve ever stumbled across the term ‘HWP’, it’s an acronym that stands for ‘Height Weight Proportional’. This is a way to describe someone whose height and weight are in a healthy balance.

For instance, if a doctor says you’re HWP during a medical checkup, it means your height and weight align well, indicating a healthy balance. In other words, you’re good on the scale!

But, if you’re not HWP, it means your height and weight don’t match up. Like, say if you’re 5’5″ and weigh 210 pounds, you’re not HWP. You’d need to shed some pounds or, well, magically grow taller (which is a bit tougher) to be considered HWP.

Even though it’s not a common term, you might still spot HWP on a health form while filling out information at a doctor’s office or in an online health discussion forum.

Example for using ‘HWP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you go for your checkup today?

Yeah, everything looks good! The doctor said I’m HWP.

That’s great! What does HWP mean?

It stands for ‘Height weight proportionate’. It means that my height and weight are balanced and healthy.