What does IAE stand for?

In any event

IAE stands for “In any event”. It’s an acronym often used in text messages or online chats, typically by an older demographic. It’s a handy way to say that something will happen or a belief will remain, no matter what circumstances arise. Even if something as wild as an alien invasion were to occur, the action or belief would persist.

For instance, if you were absolutely certain that your boyfriend, let’s call him Bob, was being unfaithful, you might decide to end the relationship, IAE. It’s a way of expressing the certainty and commitment to your decision, regardless of any other events.

As another example, imagine you’ve had a really long day and you’re completely wiped out. You might tell your friends that you’re going to hit the sack as soon as you get home, IAE. It’s a clear way to communicate that your decision is final and won’t be influenced by anything else that might happen.

So, when you see IAE, just remember it means “In any event”, and it’s a way to express unwavering commitment to a decision or belief, come what may.

Example for using ‘IAE’ in a conversation

Hey, I just found out that aliens are coming to Earth next week. 😱

Whoa, really? That’s crazy! IAE, I’m still going to the concert on Saturday.

Haha, you’re unstoppable! IAE, I’m going to the beach regardless of the alien invasion!

That’s the spirit! IAE, life goes on, right? Enjoy the sun and sand!