What does IAFWU stand for?

I ain’t f***ing with you

IAFWU is an acronym that stands for I ain’t f***ing with you. It’s a direct and somewhat crude way to let someone know that you’re not kidding around.

This term is often used when a person is feeling annoyed or fed up with being doubted or accused of not being serious. It’s a way of asserting that they are telling the truth or being honest about something.

So, if someone tells you IAFWU, they are trying to communicate that they are not playing games or joking with you. It’s a clear sign that they are serious and want to be taken seriously.

Example for using ‘IAFWU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what he said about me?

Yeah, I heard. Don’t worry, IAFWU. You know who you are.

Thanks, I needed that reminder. People can be so rude sometimes.

Absolutely! Just remember, IAFWU. Stay true to yourself.