What does IAM stand for?

In a minute

When you’re messaging someone who’s a bit busy, they might reply with IAM, which stands for “in a minute.” It’s a quick way of saying that they’ll get to your request, but it might take a minute or two. It’s most commonly used as a response when someone asks you to do something.

But IAM isn’t just used to reply to requests. It’s also handy when you want to tell someone when something will happen. Suppose your wife asks you when the pasta you’re boiling will be ready. You might reply with IAM, to indicate it’ll be ready in a minute.

Example for using ‘IAM’ in a conversation

Hey, can you grab me a coffee from the cafe?

Sure, IAM busy right now. Give me a minute.

No rush, take your time!

Thanks, I’ll be back with your coffee soon. ☕️