What does IAWTP stand for?

I agree with the post

IAWTP is a popular slang term that people use on social media platforms and online forums to indicate their agreement with a particular post or comment. It is an acronym that stands for “I Agree With This Post” and is often used as a shorthand way of expressing agreement or approval.

Typically, you’ll find IAWTP being used on sites like YouTube or Facebook, though it can also pop up in online discussion forums or comment sections. It’s a quick and easy way for users to engage in online conversations without having to write out a full response.

Before the time of “like” buttons or upvote features, IAWTP was a very handy way to show your support or agreement for a particular idea or statement. For instance, if someone named John posts an interesting point of view on Facebook, and you find yourself nodding along, you might comment “IAWTP” to show your agreement.

Or say, in a DIY forum, a user named Sarah proposes a great solution to a common problem. If you think her solution is the best one, you might respond by saying, “That’s the perfect fix, IMO. IAWTP.”

Example for using ‘IAWTP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new trailer for that movie?

Yes, IAWTP! It looks so good! πŸŽ₯πŸ™Œ

Right?! I can’t wait to see it in theaters! 🍿

Same here! Let’s plan a movie night when it comes out! πŸŽ‰