What does Ibfs stand for?

Internet best friends

When people form deep connections online, they’re often referred to as “ibfs”, standing for “Internet best friends.” This term is typically used to describe friendships that first bloomed on the web and have continued to stay strong, even if the friends only interact online or have since met in real life.

The term ibfs is a blend of an acronym and an abbreviation, originating from the acronym IBF, which stands for “Internet best friend.” The letter “s” was later added, making it plural and indicating more than one Internet best friend.

Ibfs became increasingly popular during the Covid pandemic when people turned to the Internet to stay connected and find new friendships. This term is most commonly used by tweens, teens, and young adults.

These young Internet users often use ibfs when talking about close friends they’ve made on various social platforms like TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook, through Zoom calls, or while online gaming.

While ibfs is a popular term for online best friends, there are plenty of other terms that can be used such as BFF, bestie, BFF4L, biffles, bae, bsf, BFTD, and day one.

Example for using ‘Ibfs’ in a conversation

Hey! Guess what? I made some new friends online!

That’s awesome! Tell me more about them.

They’re my Ibfs, my Internet best friends. We met on TikTok and have been chatting every day.

That’s so cool! It’s amazing how you can make close friends online, right?