Ice Cold

What does Ice Cold mean in basketball?

Not performing well in shooting

When a basketball player is described as being ‘Ice Cold’, it means they are having a poor shooting streak. It’s like their shooting skills have frozen and they can’t seem to score any points. This term is the opposite of phrases like ‘on fire’ or ‘heating up’, which are used to describe a player who is shooting exceptionally well.

Commentators, fans, and players themselves may use the phrase ‘Ice Cold’ during any kind of basketball game, be it a professional league match or an informal pick-up game. For instance, a commentator during an NBA game might remark, ‘James has gone ice cold, missing his last 10 attempts.’

Similarly, frustrated fans watching the game might shout at their screens, ‘He’s ice cold! It’s time they substituted him or asked him to stop taking shots.’ This term is a common part of basketball lingo and is used whenever a player is struggling with their shooting performance.

Example for using ‘Ice Cold’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the basketball game last night?

Yeah, I did! It was intense.

I know, right? But did you see that player missing all those shots?

Oh yeah, he was ice cold! Couldn’t make a single basket.