What does ICO stand for?

In care of

When you see ‘ICO’ in an address, it means that the mail or package is being sent to a third party, not directly to the person it’s intended for. Picture it like this: You’re sending a package to a company called Wordplay Corp, but it’s really meant for a guy named Mike Johnson. The address would look something like this:

Mike Johnson
ICO: Wordplay Corp
456 Imaginary Ave.
Faux Town, CA 66666

So ICO, in this case, is a handy way for senders to get mail or packages to someone via their workplace, instead of their home. It can also be used when the recipient is staying at someone else’s house. And sometimes, instead of ICO, you might see C/O, which also means “care of.”

Example for using ‘ICO’ in a conversation

Hey, can you do me a favor and pick up my package?

Sure! Where is it being delivered?

It’s going to my workplace. Just put my name and write ICO: Lexical Industries.

Got it! I’ll make sure it gets to you at work.