What does ICOCBW stand for?

I could, of course, be wrong

When you see ICOCBW in a message, it’s someone hinting they might be wrong about something they’ve just mentioned. However, it’s their way of saying they highly doubt they’re wrong. It’s practically them saying, “I could be wrong, but chances are I’m not.”

People usually throw in ICOCBW after expressing a personal opinion that could be questionable or controversial. It’s a way of covering their bases. If their opinion turns out to be incorrect, they can point back and say, “Well, I did say I could be wrong.”

So, say your cousin who’s obsessed with cryptocurrency texts you, “ICOCBW, but Dogecoin is the best investment right now.” It’s their way of saying they believe Dogecoin is a surefire win, but there’s a tiny (and they mean minuscule) chance they could be wrong. And if you don’t agree with their stance on Dogecoin, you might want to reconsider how much weight you give their financial advice.

Example for using ‘ICOCBW’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new movie?

Yeah, I did. ICOCBW, but I heard it’s really good.

Oh, really? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Yeah, it’s just what I’ve heard. Could be wrong though.