What does ICS stand for?

Ice Cream Sandwich

When you hear the term ‘ICS’ being thrown around by tech enthusiasts and developers, it’s often referring to a specific version of the Android operating system. ICS is an acronym that stands for Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the fun, dessert-themed name for Android 4.0.

Google had a sweet tooth when it came to naming their Android releases. Before Android 10, most of the major versions were named after desserts. This includes Android 2.0 as Eclair, Android 4.4 as KitKat, and Android 8.0 as Oreo.

But this dessert-naming tradition came to an end with the release of Android 10. Google’s Product Chief, let’s call him John Doe, explained that they decided to stop using dessert names because they aren’t universally understood across cultures and languages since food can often be a local thing. However, they do still use these sweet names internally.

Nowadays, you won’t hear many people talking about the older Android 4.0 release, but ‘ICS’ still comes up in discussions about .ICS files. These are files used to send calendar appointments via email attachments. So, the term ‘ICS’ still has its place in the tech world, even if it’s not referring to an ice cream sandwich anymore.

Example for using ‘ICS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the latest Android update?

Yeah, I think they stopped using dessert names, right?

Exactly! Instead of calling it something like ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ or ‘ICS’, they just went with numbers.

Oh, so ‘ICS’ doesn’t stand for ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ anymore?

Nope, now it refers to a different thing. ‘ICS’ files are used for sending calendar appointments as email attachments.

Ah, got it! So, no more sweet treat names for Android updates then?

Yep, no more desserts. They wanted to make it more universal and avoid confusion across different cultures.