What does IDI stand for?

I doubt it

Imagine you’re pretty sure something isn’t going to happen. In that case, you might use the slang term ‘IDI’, which stands for ‘I Doubt It’. This abbreviation is commonly used in texting or chatting when someone wants to express disbelief or skepticism about a certain event or situation.

Let’s say you ask a basketball fan if they think the New York Knicks will take home the championship this year. They might respond with “IDI, they’re not that strong.” This is a perfect example of how ‘IDI’ is used in everyday conversation to express doubt.

Or perhaps you ask a stock broker if they believe the stock prices will crash this year. Their reply might be “IDI, stocks rarely crash.” This is another example of how ‘IDI’ is used to express skepticism or doubt in a conversation.

So, ‘IDI’ is a cool way to express your doubt or disbelief about something in an informal chat or text conversation. Just remember, it stands for ‘I Doubt It’ and shows that you don’t believe something is going to happen.

Example for using ‘IDI’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new restaurant that opened up downtown?

IDI, the food scene here isn’t that great.

I heard they have really good sushi though!

Hmm, IDI. I doubt it’s as good as the sushi place I usually go to.