What does IDKY stand for?

I don’t know why

When you see IDKY in a text or online, it’s someone expressing that they’re not sure about the reason behind something. It’s a quick way to say “I don’t know why”.

This abbreviation is a mashup of the common acronym IDK (I don’t know) and the letter “Y”, often used as shorthand for “why” in text conversations.

You might receive a message with IDKY from a buddy, relative or colleague who’s puzzled over something. It’s a handy tool for expressing confusion or uncertainty.

While IDKY is most often seen in text or chat messages, it’s not out of place in an email or social media post. It’s a casual, informal way to communicate a lack of understanding.

Example for using ‘IDKY’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear that our favorite band broke up?

IDKY! They were so good together. πŸ˜•

I know, right? It’s such a bummer.

Yeah, IDKY they would do that. They had such a great sound.