What does IDN stand for?

I don’t know

IDN is a shorthand way of saying “I don’t know”. It’s an acronym, similar to IDK, but the ‘K’ in IDK is replaced with ‘N’ in IDN to denote ‘know’. This acronym is not as frequently used as IDK.

You’ll mostly see IDN used when someone wants to give a quick, one-word answer to a question they don’t have an answer to. It’s a handy acronym when you’re chatting online or texting and want to keep things short and sweet.

Mostly, you’ll find people using IDN on social media or in chatrooms. It’s part of the online language that makes communicating fast and easy. So next time when you come across IDN, you know it’s just a different way of saying “I don’t know”.

Example for using ‘IDN’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know when the party starts tonight? πŸŽ‰

IDN, sorry! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

No worries, I’ll ask someone else. Thanks anyway! 😊

No problem! Have fun tonight! 🎈