What does IDP stand for in Fantasy Football?

Individual defensive player

IDP stands for Individual Defensive Player. It’s a term used in fantasy football and it refers to a unique way to score points.

Instead of relying on a whole team’s defense to rack up points, fantasy football owners who use IDPs choose individual players. These players can be linebackers, defensive linemen, or defensive backs.

The IDP scoring system is often used by leagues that want a deeper, more detailed fantasy football experience. It’s not your average, run-of-the-mill scoring system.

With IDPs, players earn points for their teams through their personal performance on the field. This could be through recording sacks, forcing fumbles, intercepting the ball and more.

Example for using ‘IDP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new fantasy football league rules?

Yeah, they added something called IDP. Do you know what it means?

IDP stands for individual defensive player. It’s a way to score in fantasy football.

Oh, so instead of drafting a whole team’s defense, we draft individual defensive players?