What does IDS stand for?

I’m dead serious

Ever received a text that said IDS? If you have, then the person on the other end was trying to tell you that they were not joking. Yes, you read that right. IDS stands for ‘I’m dead serious’.

This slang is often used for instant messaging or in text messages. It’s a quick and easy way to assert seriousness without typing out the entire phrase. So, if you’ve asked your friend Alex if he’s pulling your leg and he responds with IDS, he’s saying he’s not kidding around.

IDS is a counter-point to the more playful and commonly used acronym JK, which stands for ‘just kidding’. It’s used when someone wants to make sure you know they’re serious about what they’re saying. So, next time when your friend Lily texts you something unexpected and follows it up with IDS, remember she’s not joking.

Keep in mind, though, that while IDS is a quick way to convey seriousness, it might not always be taken seriously due to its casual nature. So, use it wisely!

Example for using ‘IDS’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, did you really eat my last slice of pizza?

Person 2: IDS! πŸ˜…

Person 1: Seriously? You better be joking.

Person 2: No joke, IDS! 😀