What does IDU stand for?

I don’t understand

When you get IDU as a response, it means the person you’re talking to didn’t understand your message. It’s something you might see after you’ve tried to explain a concept or idea to a friend or coworker, and they’re telling you that they didn’t grasp it.

IDU is a close cousin to the more frequently seen IDK, which translates to “I don’t know.” If you get either IDU or IDK as an answer to something you’ve said, it’s a clear sign that you need to try a different approach to get your point across.

Perhaps using a different method, like visual aids or simpler language, might help the person understand better. Remember, when you see IDU, it’s a prompt for you to provide further clarification.

Example for using ‘IDU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch that movie last night? It was so confusing!

IDU, what happened in the movie?

Well, there were these two characters, and one of them had a secret, but it was never really explained. I was so lost!

Oh, I see. Yeah, sometimes movies can be hard to follow. Maybe you can try watching it again?