What does IFVB stand for?

I feel very bad

When someone types IFVB, it’s a signal that they’re feeling really awful about something. This shorthand way of communicating is often used when someone wants to show that they’re sorry or that they feel bad about a situation.

Let’s say someone did something that hurt your feelings. They might use IFVB to express how sorry they are for what they did. It’s their way of taking ownership of their actions and acknowledging the pain they’ve caused.

Now, how you respond to IFVB can vary. If you’re willing to forgive them, you might reply back with “I 4give u.” On the other hand, if you’re not ready to forgive, a simple “SU” can be your response.

Remember, IFVB is a quick and easy way for someone to show they’re feeling bad about something. It’s all about expressing sympathy and regret.

Example for using ‘IFVB’ in a conversation

I accidentally broke your favorite mug. IFVB πŸ˜”

Oh no! That’s okay, accidents happen. I 4give u. 😊

Thank you so much! You’re the best! ❀️

No problem at all! Friends forgive each other, right? πŸ€—