What does IG2P stand for?

I’ve got to pee

IG2P is a quick and simple way of saying “I’ve got to pee.” It’s a message you might get when someone you’re chatting with online needs to take a short break. They’re letting you know they’ll be right back (BRB) after a quick bathroom break.

It’s a phrase commonly used in the world of online chatting. If someone sends you an IG2P, they’re about to go away from keyboard (AFK). But don’t worry, unless something unexpected happens, they’ll be back soon (BBS).

So, the next time you’re chatting with someone and they send you an IG2P, just know that they’re stepping away for a moment and they’ll return shortly. Now you can keep up with the fast-paced language of online chats!

Example for using ‘IG2P’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat?

Hey! Yeah, I’ve got a few minutes. What’s up?

Just wanted to say that I’m really tired right now. 😴

Haha, I feel you! IG2P, be right back!