What does IGTP stand for?

I get the point

When you receive a text message saying IGTP, it means the sender is telling you ‘I get the point’. This is often used when you’ve been talking about something for a long time, and they feel like you’re over-explaining.

IGTP is not a commonly used acronym, but it’s possible to see it in online chats or forums, especially after you’ve made your point very clear. If you see IGTP in a conversation, it’s probably a good idea to switch topics or move forward with the discussion.

Essentially, when you see IGTP, it’s a hint from the other person that you’ve provided enough detail on the topic at hand. They’re signaling that they understand and there’s no need to keep going on about the same subject.

Example for using ‘IGTP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new movie coming out this weekend? It’s supposed to be really good!