What does IHM stand for?

I hate Mondays

IHM is a common acronym that stands for “I hate Mondays.” This phrase is typically used to express someone’s dislike or dread of Mondays. It’s usually used in text messages or online chats, often signaling frustration or annoyance with the start of a new work week.

The term IHM is often used in a similar way to how people use the phrase TGIF or “Thank God It’s Friday.” But while TGIF is a celebration of the end of the work week, IHM is an expression of the stress and dislike associated with the beginning of the week.

So, if you see someone using IHM in a chat or a post, they’re probably not too thrilled about it being Monday. Perhaps they have a busy week ahead or they just don’t like the idea of the weekend being over.

Example for using ‘IHM’ in a conversation

IHM! 😩

I know, right? Mondays are the worst. 😫

I can’t believe the weekend is over already. πŸ™„

IHM too! I wish we could have a longer weekend. πŸ˜”