What does IIT stand for in online gaming?

I’m impressed, too

When you’re chatting online, especially in the gaming world, you might come across the acronym ‘IIT’. It’s a fun way of saying “I’m impressed, too”.

This term is often used by gamers who are surprised by their own skills. Take for instance, a beginner player in a game of FIFA who manages to net a few goals. They might use ‘IIT’ to respond to their team members’ compliments.

It’s not uncommon for players who say ‘IIT’ to be just as baffled as everyone else about their sudden gaming prowess. In many cases, they’re just relieved they didn’t mess up or get beaten badly.

Example for using ‘IIT’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won first place in the gaming tournament! 🎮

Wow, that’s awesome! I saw your skills, you totally rocked it! 🤩

IIT! I can’t believe I actually won. It was so intense! 😅

Haha, I know right? You totally surprised everyone, including yourself. 🙌