What does IKHYF stand for?

I know how you feel

When people who relate to your situation message you, they might use the abbreviation IKHYF. It’s short for “I know how you feel.” You might see this slang in texts or online chats from those who empathize with you, such as pals, loved ones, or workmates.

At times, getting an IKHYF message might feel a bit condescending, but it’s always good to think positively. The person who sent it probably meant well. So, if you feel like snapping back with “No, you don’t!” or “How could you say that?!”, it’s better to simply reply with a friendly thx.

Example for using ‘IKHYF’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m feeling so overwhelmed with work. I have so much to do!

IKHYF! I’ve been there before. It can be really tough.

Thanks! It means a lot to know someone understands.

No problem! Just remember to take breaks and prioritize. You got this! 😊