What does it mean?

I know, right?

IKR is an acronym that translates to “I know, right?” This rhetorical question is a way for someone to express their understanding and agreement with what someone else has said.

When you fully agree with a friend’s statement, especially if it’s an opinion you’ve held for some time, you may respond with IKR. It’s a shorthand way of saying, “I’ve felt the same way and I’m glad you see it too.”

However, it’s important to note that the use of IKR can sometimes come off as too assertive if used inappropriately. Like all slang, it’s essential to understand the context and relationship you have with the person you’re conversing with.

Example for using ‘IKR’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Did you see the new Marvel movie? It was amazing!

Friend 2: IKR! It was so action-packed and the special effects were mind-blowing.

Friend 1: Right? And the plot twist at the end was unexpected.

Friend 2: Totally! I couldn’t believe it when that happened.