What does ILI stand for?

I love it

From the TV series you binge-watch to the delicious cookies you can’t get enough of, if there’s something you’re absolutely in love with, you might just say “ILI.” This is a quick and easy acronym that means “I love it.”

Perhaps you’ve been asked the question: “What do you think?” or in internet speak, “WDYT?”. If you’re fond of whatever is being discussed or shown, you can answer with a short, simple “ILI!!!”

So remember, next time your friend shows you their new shoes or your sibling bakes a tasty pie, you can express your love for it with “ILI.” It’s a quick, fun way to show your appreciation for things you enjoy.

Example for using ‘ILI’ in a conversation

OMG, have you watched the latest episode of that new show?

No, not yet! Is it good?

ILI!!! It’s so addictive! You have to check it out!