What does ILMM stand for?

I love my man

If you ever see ‘ILMM’ in a text or on social media, it’s a shorthand way of saying “I love my man.” This is a phrase often used by people who are in a serious relationship and want to express their affection for their boyfriend or husband.

So, if you’re the man in question and you receive an ‘ILMM’ from your partner, you’re being shown a lot of love. You might want to reply with something like ‘ILU2’ or ‘ILY2’, which stand for ‘I love you too.’

Take a moment to appreciate the fact that someone cares for you deeply. After all, getting an ‘ILMM’ message is a clear sign that you are loved and cherished.

Example for using ‘ILMM’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? ILMM! 😍

Aww, ILMM too! ❀️

I’m so lucky to have you! 😊

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! ILMM more than words can say. 😘