What does ILU2 stand for?

I love you too

If you ever stumble upon the term ILU2, don’t be puzzled. It’s an abbreviation for “I love you too”. This phrase is usually used as a response to someone saying ‘I love you’ or ‘ILU’ over the internet or through text messages.

Using ILU2 is a convenient way to share your affection with someone. It’s particularly useful when you’re short on space or want to keep your conversations brief and to the point.

While commonly used by teenagers and young adults, don’t be surprised to see older adults using ILU2 as well. Love knows no age after all! It’s just another creative way to express love in the digital age, similar to other expressions like ILY2 and lu4ever.

Example for using ‘ILU2’ in a conversation

Hey, just wanted to say I love you! 😍

Aww, ILU2! 😘

That’s so sweet! You always know how to make me feel loved. ❀️

I feel the same way about you! You’re my everything. πŸ’•