What does ILY stand for?

I love you

Want to express your love to someone online, via text, or email? Use “ILY”. This acronym is a popular way to convey your affection, whether it’s for a friend or a romantic partner.

ILY stands prominently among other abbreviations used for expressing love. Some other common ones are “143”, “ILU”, “ILYSM”, and “IFLY”.

Here’s when you might use ILY. Suppose you are about to end an email to your bestie, you can sign off with ILY. Or if you’re exchanging texts with your significant other, drop an ILY to show your love. You could even use it while commenting on a picture your girlfriend posted on Instagram.

Example for using ‘ILY’ in a conversation

Hey, I just wanted to say ILY!

Aww, ILY too! πŸ’•

Going to miss you this weekend. Have a great time! ILY! 😘

Thanks! ILY too! Enjoy your weekend! 🌞