What does ILYLC stand for?

I love you like crazy

When you see ILYLC, it’s a sweet and passionate way of saying “I love you like crazy”. It’s often used by couples who are head over heels in love with each other. This acronym is a more intense version of the more commonly used ILY, which stands for “I love you”.

If someone is sending you ILYLC, they’re expressing their deep love for you in a fun and modern way. It’s a sign that they’re really crazy about you. It’s a phrase that’s usually exchanged between people who have a strong emotional connection.

Along with ILYLC, you might also receive other abbreviations or acronyms that express love and affection. These could include phrases like ILY (I love you) or IMY (I miss you). These are all different ways to say the same thing – that someone really cares about you.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get an ILYLC message, it’s a good sign that the sender is very much in love with you. It’s a sweet way to express love, and hopefully, you feel the same way about them!

Example for using ‘ILYLC’ in a conversation

Hey, I just wanted to say ILYLC! 😍

Aww, that’s so sweet! ILYLC too! 😘

You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. ILYLC more and more each day! πŸ’–

ILYLC with all my heart! You mean everything to me! πŸ₯°