What does IMOBO stand for?

In my own biased opinion

IMOBO is a popular internet acronym used to express a biased opinion. It’s often used when discussing personal viewpoints in text messages, on social media, or in online forums.

Imagine your buddy, Tom, is discussing his sister’s love life. He might message you saying, “IMOBO, she should remain single for a while”. Or, on a public platform like Twitter, a user might tweet, “IMOBO, the latest Star Wars movies aren’t as exciting.”

IMOBO is part of a larger group of acronyms that people use to share their thoughts. Other similar acronyms include IMBO, IMHO, and IMAO.

Example for using ‘IMOBO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of our favorite show last night?

Yes, I did! IMOBO, it was the best episode so far this season! 😍

Really? I thought it was just okay. IMOBO, the previous episode was much better. πŸ˜•

Oh, interesting! IMOBO, I loved the plot twist in this one. But hey, everyone has their own opinion! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ