What does IMVHO stand for?

In my very humble opinion

Ever come across the term IMVHO while browsing the internet? It’s a humble way of expressing one’s opinion and it stands for “in my very humble opinion”. It’s commonly used by internet users who want to share their thoughts without sounding too assertive.

Imagine you’re on a platform like Quora, seeking advice on the best running shoes to buy. A friendly user might respond, “IMVHO, it’s Adidas. Excellent comfort, affordable, and very durable.” This acronym is a polite way of offering an opinion without any imposition.

If you decide to buy a different brand of running shoes, the person who suggested Adidas wouldn’t be bothered. Why? Because they were merely giving you their opinion, and not insisting that you follow their advice. That’s the beauty of IMVHO – it’s all about sharing thoughts humbly and respectfully.

Example for using ‘IMVHO’ in a conversation

Hey, I need your opinion. Which phone should I buy? πŸ“±

IMVHO, you should go for the new iPhone. It has a great camera and smooth performance. πŸ“Έ

Hmm, I was thinking of getting an Android. Any specific reason why you prefer iPhone? πŸ€”

IMVHO, iPhones have a more user-friendly interface and they receive regular software updates. Plus, the app ecosystem is pretty solid. πŸ“²