What does IMYA stand for?

I miss you already

When you see IMYA, it’s actually short for “I miss you already.” This is a message you’ll often get when someone special to you is feeling your absence moments after you’ve parted ways.

There are several ways you can reply to IMYA if you’re feeling the same way. You can text back with MU2, me2, or even a simple ditto. These are all quick and easy ways to let them know you’re missing them too.

However, if you’re not quite feeling the same level of longing, you always have the option to just not respond. This is sometimes referred to as ghosting. It’s not the nicest response, but it’s one way to avoid the situation if you’re not ready to see them again quite yet.

Example for using ‘IMYA’ in a conversation

Hey, it was so great seeing you today! IMYA 😊

Aww, IMYA too! I had such a good time with you! ❀️

I can’t wait to see you again soon! 😍

Me too! Let’s plan something fun for next week! πŸŽ‰