What does Indie mean?


Indie is a short form that is used to talk about independent musicians or music labels. These folks aren’t part of the large media companies. Instead, they make their music on a smaller budget.

When you hear the term Indie, it’s a nod to these artists or labels, who choose to go it alone in the music industry. They create their own music without the backing of big-name media companies.

It’s all about creating and producing music that is authentic and true to the artist, even if it means working with fewer resources. So, Indie is all about independence and creativity in the world of music.

Example for using ‘Indie’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of any good music lately?

Yeah, I’ve been really into indie music lately. It’s so unique and refreshing!

What exactly is indie music?

Indie stands for independent music. It’s made by artists or record labels who aren’t part of the big media networks.