What does Instagrandma mean?

A woman who attempts to navigate Instagram but isn’t successful.

Instagrandma is a funny term that people use to talk about a woman who isn’t very good at using Instagram. Instagram is a popular social media app where people share pictures and videos.

More often than not, an Instagrandma is an older woman who finds it hard to keep up with recent tech updates. They might have difficulty understanding how to use Instagram’s features and might not be able to post pictures properly.

But, it’s not just older women who can be called an Instagrandma. Even a younger woman who doesn’t know how to take good pictures can be called an Instagrandma. For instance, if she often covers the camera lens with her finger while taking a picture, people might call her an Instagrandma.

Example for using ‘Instagrandma’ in a conversation

Did you see Lisa’s latest Instagram post? It’s so blurry!

Haha, yeah! She’s such an Instagrandma. She can never get a clear shot!