What does Intel mean?


Short for “intelligence,” intel is slang for information that is either confidential or not widely known. It can be found in both formal and casual conversations, from military officials seeking data about an undercover agent, to friends discussing if a couple they know is expecting a child. You can come across this term face-to-face, digitally, or in text messages.

For instance, you might ask a buddy if he has any intel on whether his brother is single. Alternatively, a colleague might approach you to see if you’ve gathered any intel from the upper management about an impending layoff. This usage of ‘intel’ is akin to the slang ‘411’, another term for information.

Moreover, ‘intel’ can be replaced with ‘tea’ when referring to gossip or juicy details. So, whether it’s official data or a piece of juicy gossip, ‘intel’ is a versatile term that’s used to refer to all kinds of information.

Example for using ‘Intel’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard any intel about the new restaurant opening downtown? 🍽️

Yeah, I got some intel from a friend that it’s going to be a Mexican place! 🌮

That’s great! I love Mexican food. Do you know when it’s opening? 🤔

I’m not sure about the exact date, but the intel I got says it should be in a couple of weeks. 📅