Introvert Hangover

What does Introvert Hangover mean?

Tiredness felt after being around people for too long

Ever felt wiped out after spending a whole day socializing? Then you’ve probably experienced an introvert hangover. This term describes the feeling of being drained that introverts often have after being around people for too long. This is not the same as a regular hangover that you might get from drinking too much.

An introvert hangover can happen after any event where you need to interact with people for an extended period. This could be a party, a work meeting or a family get-together. The main trigger is the continuous need to engage in conversation, participate in activities, and generally be “on” all the time.

If you’re an extrovert, this concept might be hard to understand. You might even love these kinds of events. But for introverts, they can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, leading to what’s known as an introvert hangover.

So, what’s the cure for an introvert hangover? It’s simple – alone time. Introverts recharge by spending time alone, ideally doing nothing. For instance, if an introvert attends a wedding one day, they might need to spend the entire next day alone to recover from their introvert hangover.

Example for using ‘Introvert Hangover’ in a conversation

Ugh, I feel so tired today…

What happened?

I had to go to this big party last night. It was so exhausting!

Ah, sounds like you have an introvert hangover.