Invisible Box

What does Invisible Box mean in dance?

A dance move where you act like you’re stepping on a box that isn’t really there

The dance move ‘Invisible Box’ is a creative and trendy way of pretending to step over a box. This move first gained some attention in 2014 and later exploded in popularity when a video featuring a cheerleader named Emily Davis performing the move, alternatively known as the ‘invisible step’, was widely shared in December 2017.

‘Invisible Box’ is executed by lifting one foot as though to step onto an imaginary box. The other foot then pushes off, creating the visual illusion of stepping onto a box. This clever dance move demands a good amount of leg strength and control to convincingly create the illusion of stepping onto a box.

Typically, people perform this dance move to impress others, either in person or on social media. The ‘Invisible Box’ dance move is a fun and challenging way to show off your dancing skills and creativity.

Example for using ‘Invisible Box’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new dance move called the Invisible Box? πŸ•Ί

Yeah, I’ve heard of it! It’s where you pretend to step on an invisible box, right? πŸ“¦

Exactly! It’s like you lift one foot, step on the imaginary box, and then push off with the other foot. So cool! 😎

I saw a video of someone doing it on social media. They made it look like they were really stepping on a box! 🀯