What does IOC stand for?

International Olympic Committee

When you hear the term IOC, it’s referring to the International Olympic Committee. This is the big group that’s responsible for putting together the Olympic Games that we all love to watch. They handle both the summer and winter Olympics, as well as the Youth Olympic Games.

The IOC has been around since 1894, with the first president being a guy named Demetrios Vikelas. The whole operation is based out of Lausanne, Switzerland.

So what does the IOC actually do? Well, they’ve got a lot of jobs. One of their biggest is making sure that the Olympic Games happen on a regular basis. That means organizing all the sports competitions and coordinating everything to make sure it all runs smoothly.

But the IOC’s work isn’t just about planning the games. They’re also there to fight against any kind of discrimination in the Olympic Movement. This is a really important part of their role, and something they take very seriously.

Example for using ‘IOC’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know that the IOC announced the new host city for the Olympics?

No way! Who’s hosting it?

It’s going to be held in Paris!

That’s awesome! The IOC always chooses such amazing cities.